If it’s not ours, it’s not certified.

Before it was law

B played it like a G, laid it down

On a hard road

Only the sturdy seed grows

Thirty years gone now

Wrongs about gone now

Often imitated

Glory never faded

From the seed to the smoke to the

present to the past

Freeing all minds and breaking all castes

Uplift your mental, your physical

Only the original’s Original

House of Kush


MATT ‘BUBBA’ BERGER is one of the original six Godfathers of the ‘92 OG Kush, and created the original Bubba Kush strain in ‘97. Bubba Kush quickly became synonymous with the underground OG culture. From the genetics of the tiny seed, he developed new strains and a flourishing Denver dispensary, taking the cannabis industry to the next level. Bubba’s innovations changed the face of the cannabis industry over the past 25+ years. 

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We are here to celebrate the legacy and origin of this iconic strain and extend the spirit of community, wellness, and camaraderie into our line of premium products.